Customer Centered Silicon Wafer Fabrication Service Introduction
  IMP specializes in high-volume manufacturing of analog and mixed-signal process technologies. Standard analog and mixed-signal capabilities include low (3V) and high voltage (12/20/30/100V) processes, fusible link technology, EPROM/EE-PROM modules, high resistivity poly and double poly process options. IMP also has volume manufacturing expertise in processes above 500 Volts.

A particular strength of IMP is the ability to rapidly port a customer's existing process into the volume production facility.

IMP participates in four business areas:

  • Database Production
    Customer products designed for standard IMP processes and design rules.

  • Process Porting
    Customer developed wafer manufacturing processes are installed in IMP facilities.

  • Process Development
    Major modification to an existing IMP process to meet specific customer requirements.

  • ASIC Design Assistance
    Projects which IMP takes an active role in the product circuit design and/or layout.
    Domestic Wafer Fabrication Facility  
  IMP operates an ISO 9001 registered, 18,000 square foot facility in San Jose, CA, with an 8,000 square foot class 10 clean room. Wafer capacity is 15,000, 5" wafers starts per month. Offshore foundry partners with licensed IMP processes are available to insure security of supply.

With a USA based location, domestic customers receive same-day, real-time answers to technical and delivery queries. Compared to Pacific Rim and European foundries, communication with IMP is easy, faster and more economical. A fast, effective communication channel is an often overlooked key factor in selecting a foundry partner.
  Tight design rules and a staff of experienced process technologists allow IMP to accommodate almost any customer requirement. Unlike many foundries with rigid "canned" options, IMP actively encourages partners with new or modified process requirements. An existing process can be ported to IMP's facility when volume warrants.

IMP will supply wafers, die or provide a complete turnkey solution
    IMP Custom Silicon Support Teams  
  To meet the rapidly changing needs of our customers, we provide a highly flexible and responsive service. To that end, our engineering staff works closely with you from the difficult phase of prototyping through to full circuit production.

Our silicon foundry operation centers around technical account managers, dedicated production planning administrators, and process and circuit designers operating as a consulting team for the customer.

Experienced in the design, fabrication, packaging and testing of digital, analog, and mixed-signal integrated circuits, these experts are available at any time to meet with your technical and business staff to assist in delivering high quality prototype and production wafers to your schedule and at the highest quality levels. The staff will work with foundry partners to enhance yield and advise on changes that will improve manufacturability.

Our commitment to this level of customer support is because we recognize its importance in achieving timely product introductions in highly competitive markets.

    Design Inputs  
  The IMP wafer foundry accepts customer database designs in GDS II format and PG tapes. If required engineering support is available to convert your tooling from an existing foundry to IMP standards. IMP provides all the design rules and electrical parameters needed to modify new designs.
    Test Capability  
  IMP offers a full range of test capability for digital, analog and mixed-signal products. Precision analog and high speed mixed-signal capability is available. IMP has in-house test capability for both digital and analog tests using Sentry 20/21, LTX77, LTX Synchromaster, TMT, MCT, Eagle and other testers.
  IMP recognizes time-to-market is a critical customer concern and that fast turnaround prototypes are a key element in reducing a foundry partner's time-to-market. IMP operates an in-house prototype packaging service for fast response.
High-volume production packaging services are provided by IMP qualified assembly vendors.
    Delivering Quality  
  IMP Facilities are certified to ISO 9001, 1994 Edition. In 1996, IMP received dual certification by the American National Standards Institute Registration Board (RAB) in the U.S. and by the Dutch Council for Accreditation (RvA) in Europe.

IMP uses statistical process control for real time monitoring of all silicon manufacturing operations. Over 180 control charts are maintained on-line. Cp and Cpk trends are maintained on critical param-eters such as: gate oxide thickness, poly sheet resistance, poly width, diffusion width, field oxide thickness, intermetal oxide thickness, threshold voltages, breakdown voltages and transistor gains. Device parameters are collected on all processes. The result is exceptional quality.

Many leading companies have selected IMP as their manufacturing partner:

  • Adaptec
  • Apple Computer
  • Conner Archive
  • Hewlett Packard
  • International Rectifier
  • Level One
  • Linfinity
  • Rockwell International
  • Siemens
  • Tektronix
    Turnkey Solutions  
  Customers with turn-key requirements are served with IMP's production-proven test facility, quick-turn in-house packaging capability and off-shore volume packaging resources.

Packaged devices can be drop shipped to customers anywhere in the world.
    Intellectual Property Security  
  All customer designs and tooling are held in the strictest confidence.
    Your Next Step  
  The IMP team approach to silicon foundry services is your path to satisfaction. Whether you have your own design resource and facility, want to utilize outside third-party design expertise, want to port an existing process or need a process designed to your specification or are simply seeking a second source, IMP is the foundry to provide you with cost-effective and timely silicon solutions.